Cancellation and Refund Policy


  • "Cancellation" refers to those cancellations made before you leave your own country. Cancellations must be in writing.
  • Requests for cancellation must be received by SEIQ 45 days or more before the start date of your course in order to receive a full refund of course fees paid. (Registration and homestay application fees + 10% of the refunded amount will be deducted for agent fees if applicable)
  • Refunds are made to the person or agent who made payment or another person otherwise agreed upon.

Refund Policy

  • To receive a refund of tuition fees once the course has begun, students need to give SEIQ written notice of withdrawal with the reason they wish to quit the course.
  • Refunds will not exceed the table below. The refunded amount is for the balance of unused fees. A 10% agent fee will be deducted from the refunded amount if applicable.
  • 30 days or more before start - 80% refund
  • Less than 10 days before start - 50% refund
  • After the course begins - No refund

Student Visa / Study Permit

  • If the Canadian Embassy or Consulate denies the Student Authorization Visa, a full refund (less registration, accomodation request, agent fees and bank fees) will be remitted.

Accommodation Cancellation

  • Those wishing to cancel or change their place of accomodation must notify SEIQ 30 days prior in writing in order to receive a refund. $250 Accomodation fee will be retained with less that 30 days notice plus the following month fee will have to be paid.
  • All refunds are remitted in monthly installments.


Release Agreement

As a student enrolled through SEIQ, Montreal, Canada, I agree to the following conditions:

  • 1. My program starts as per my start date indicated on my Letter of Acceptance and ends on my last day of class as per my end date indicated on my Letter of Acceptance.
  • 2. I agree to release SEIQ (which term shall include officers, shareholders, and employees of the company as well as the company itself) and agree not to sue such persons for, any claims which I may have arising from, or in connection with, any physical or property damage which I may suffer from any cause whatsoever other than the actual negligence of such persons. Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, I release such persons for any physical or property damage which I may suffer resulting from acts of God, strikes or government restrictions, terrorist activities, or the acts or omission of any other agents over which such persons have no direct control, including, without limitation, airlines, transportation companies and railways, student residences, apartment, youth hostels or host families.
  • 3. SEIQ has no responsibility to or for me when I am absent from supervised activities, such as visits to friends or relatives.
  • 4. I agree to abide by school (university, college or any other institutions) regulations during my course. Failure to do so may result in that to disobey such rules or directions is to waive the right to a refund of any part of my program fee, and that SEIQ may then send me home at my own expense.
  • 5. If I become ill or incapacitated, SEIQ and its employees may take any action they deem necessary for my safety and well-being, including securing medical treatment (at my own expense) and transporting me home.
  • 6. I understand that it is my responsibility to secure necessary documents (passport and visa(s)). Failure to do so does not constitute grounds for a refund except according to the normal cancellation guidelines as outlined in this General Terms and conditions information.
  • 7. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between SEIQ and me with reference to the subject matter referred to herein, including but not limited to, any oral statements made to me by any agents or employees of SEIQ. This agreement may only be amended or modified in writing.

This agreement shall become effective when my application is accepted by SEIQ and shall be construed and enforced in accordance with, and the rights of the parties shall be governed by, the laws of the Province of Québec and the laws of Canada applicable thereto. The demand shall be made within a reasonable amount of time after the claim, dispute or other matter in question has arisen, and in no event shall be made after the date when institution of legal proceedings based on such claimed dispute or other matter in question will be barred by the applicable statute of limitations.


Other Useful Information

Course Confirmation for semester or year programs

We will send you a written 'Letter of Acceptance' of your course enrollment and an invoice detailing payment due within two weeks of receiving your registration form, registration fee, and the full course fee.

If a student receives the acceptance letter but does not present him/herself to the school on the first day of classes, the entire tuition fee will be forfeited and immigration Canada will be notified.

Medical and Health Insurance

All students are required to have accident and health insurance. Those wishing to purchase insurance (student guard) through the school they attend must indicate it on the registration form. Full details will be supplied when we send your acceptance letter and invoice. Those who purchase insurance in their home country must show proof of this on their first day of classes during registration procedures.

Late Arrivals and Absences

If you arrive late to a program, or are absent during your program, no refund will be granted. Periods of absence may not be made up with free extension of the program.

Checklist– for 3 months+ stay

  • Completed and signed Registration Form + Accommodation Form
  • $200 non-refundable registration fee
  • Copy of Valid Report Cards
  • Copy of Valid Passport
  • Quebec CAQ Forms
  • If requested, $85 airport pick-up fee